Who's In The Driving Seat?

The Driving Instructor's Guide to Client-Centred Learning


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The Driving Test in 1935

The UK driving test was introduced on 1st June 1935.  Ford made this film, with commentary by Sir Malcolm Campbell, to reassure would-be drivers that the test was not something to fear.  His commentary is witty and the film shows some of the hazards a new motorist might expect to encounter on the roads of the 1930s:



In 2015, The One Show on BBC1 featured a piece regarding the driving test celebrating it's 80th anniversary, where they tracked down the son of Ronald...


What is a QR Code?

This short YouTube video explains the principles behind QR codes, their uses and how you can scan them.

If you have an iPhone or iPad, you won't need to download any additional software to scan a QR code.  Assuming you have an up-to-date version of iOS, all you need to do is open your camera app and point your camera at the QR code.  A popup will appear at the top of the screen, prompting you to open the page which the QR code links to.  Tap that popup and the page will open...


The Multi-Tasking Myth

In this video, David Teater, senior director of Transportation Initiatives at the National Safety Council, explains multitasking - which is impossible to do with two cognitively complex tasks such as driving and talking on a mobile phone.

Visit distracteddriving.nsc.org for more information.


Selective Attention Test

The original, world-famous awareness test from Daniel Simons and Christopher Chabris. 


The Monkey Business Illusion

The Monkey Business Illusion by Daniel Simons. Check out their book, "The Invisible Gorilla" for more information: www.theinvisiblegorilla.com

Here's another variation to this illusion, which you might like to use with your learners... the amazing colour changing card trick:


A Fighter Pilot's Guide to Surviving on the Roads

Click here or on the image below to download John Sullivan's fantastic article, "A Fighter Pilot's Guide to Surviving on the Roads":


HERMES Project


"High Impact approach for Enhancing Road safety through More Effective communication Skills for driving instructors"

Click here to access the main HERMES project website

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