The online course for ADIs and PDIs wanting to feel confident and achieve their very best on their Standards Check or Part 3 test. 


6 Modules

With an easy to follow format of 6 modules, Ged and Claire demystify the Standards Check and Part 3 test. Over 6 hours of content!

35 Lessons

In these bite-size lessons, Ged and Claire explain exactly what is needed to achieve that A and more importantly, what to avoid so you don't lose those valuable marks!

Learn at your pace

Got a few spare minutes, or a few spare hours? Watch the videos, pause, resume, watch again at times that suit you on any device. 

What's included

6 months unlimited access - watch each video as many times as you like. With over 6 hours of content, it's one of the most cost effective ways of improving your skills in preparation for your Standards Check or Part 3 test. Watch when you're free meaning no lost working hours attending training courses in person.

Module 1 (6 lessons)

The Part 3 and Standards Check Overview

This module covers how the Part 3 and Standards Check, what you need to read, the marking sheets and booking procedures.


Module 2 (4 lessons)

Lesson Planning

The 4 lessons explain the 4 competencies in the lesson planning section of the marking sheet.


Module 3 (5 Lessons)

Risk Management

Each lesson corresponds to one of the 5 competencies listed under the risk management part of the marking sheet


Module 4 (8 lessons)

Teaching and Learning Strategies

The 8 competencies under the teaching and learning strategies section of the marking sheet are explained in this module


Module 5 (4 lessons)

Preparing for your Part 3 or Standards Check

The lessons in this module offer guidance on choosing the test centre, a suitable pupil, the lesson goals and advice on what to do the day before the test.


Module 6 (8 lessons)

The Big Day!

In this module, you will find advice on what to do on the day of your test. The structure of your lesson is broken down into separate lessons to cover identifying development goals, preparing the pupil for the lesson, responsibility agreement, practice and self-evaluation and reflection and debrief. The module finishes with examiner feedback.




What others have said about the course:


"Just a quick thanks. Just had my SC and passed with an A. Your book and the free course was invaluable and enjoyable to watch. The effort and time you must have put into all this is true dedication. Keep up the great work both of you."


"Thank you so much. I have just had my SC and passed with an A. The course was very helpful. and a great insight to CCL."


"Brilliant work thank you, I actually feel like I understand what is expected of me now instead of just guessing what is required. Thank you!"


"Thank you Ged and Claire for taking the time to make these very informative mini clips, I've got my second standards test date and I'm getting anxious thinking about it even though it's not until August."


"Cheers guys. Simply amazing." 


"Thank you Ged and Claire….. I think your book and this course are excellent, very professional and will both be a fantastic aid to all driving instructors regardless of what stage they are in their training!
Well done


"Thanks you two brilliant, you got me an A. Thanks...this and the book fantastic..thanks again."


"Really clear advice guys, many thanks for this mini course."

"Just got to this module and can safely say this one is the golden nugget. It’s all great, but module 6 is the one to repeat watch a few times. Excellent work!"

"Most excellent stuff so far, love your examples, make perfect sense!"

"Thanks soooo much Ged and Claire....module 6 is ACE!!...Just what I needed."

"Easy to understand and straight to the point!! Thank you, that's what most of us have been looking for God bless you."

"Don't know if you realized it but these videos really help people with dyslexia who find books difficult to read."

"Fabulous course really loving it!"

"Thanks Ged and Clair it is a great course learned a lot off new great things especially the organic way 😂 once again thanks for this course you two are doing a great job!"


"Very helpful information and a better understanding of the standards check."

"Really enjoying the videos on how to get a grade A Some really good information and you are both quite good presenters, apply for good morning Britain 😂 Keep the good work up!"


"Thank you for all the important information you are providing within this course. I want to do well in this profession and you are providing the tools to make this possible."

"Really enjoying the course and book, love the “organic” way you both interact, with real life examples from your training of people too."

"Excellent work Ged and Claire!! Thx soooo much"

"Just to let you know I passed my first ever Standards Check Test today - only a B but I am very happy. I want to say a big big big thank you to you both. I have watched all your aim for an A videos - and read your book. Couldn't have done it without you.-keep up the good work . Thank you - Thank you - Thank you - in fact 1000 Thank you's!"

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